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Sonovovitch is a unicase display typeface inspired by the Russian Constructivist movement and Soviet Cold War era propaganda. Although a faux Russian font, Sonovovitch has language support for the true Cyrillic alphabet. Originally intended as an exercise in downsizing the typical font’s character set, Sonovovitch quickly expanded in the opposite direction, adding multiple variations for letterforms and utilizing Open Type features allowing for easy substitution of glyphs… creating plenty of variety for letter combinations. Open Type “Titling Alternates” even substitute completely foreign glyphs, never seen before in any language, allowing for totally alien typesetting. The results found in Sonovovitchare packed with bold character and eastern European influenced flair.

Sonovovitch’s eclectic geometric forms lend itself to a multitude of graphic applications; from serious branding programmes, to light-hearted packaging, to sports jerseys, to hand-crafted DIY projects. Available in one weight with plenty of alternate characters at MyFonts.

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