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Millwright is a display typeface family inspired by spunky DIY attitude and Industrial era hardware… an exercise in rendering glyphs with a rudimentary, hand-cut flavour. The type family’s built in Open Type features allow for easy substitution of glyphs… creating plenty of diversification for letter combinations, and multiple glyph variations. Millwright results in designs that are packed with bold character and Do-it-yourself pizzazz.

Millwright’s quirky letterforms lend itself to a multitude of graphic applications; from serious branding applications, to light-hearted packaging, to children’s book publishing, to hand-crafted DIY projects.
Millwright comprises a family of 4 styles; the utilitarian Regular weight, a brash Black weight, to the art-deco inspired Inline and the accompanying Inside for layering multiple colours. Available now at Myfonts.

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