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What is it about creative businesses and dogs? The very first studio that I worked in had a dog named Jake who would wander around the office demanding attention. I liked having him sleep under my desk even though he didn't belong to me. I used to keep a box of dog biscuits close by so that I would become his favourite. The video production company across the hall had a dog that would always visit and there were at least four other design offices in the neighborhood that had studio dogs, some even incorporated their furry pals into the naming or branding of their businesses. Kind of like a badge stating "We're anti-establishment... the MAN can't hold me back. I'm bringing my dog to work!"

When Sue and I decided to start 10four, it was important to find a dog friendly work space. I never had a dog as a kid, but I had recently got a puppy, Loki, and we wanted our business to be the kind of friendly place that would have a dog hanging around. Years later, the photographer that we shared offices with got his own little studio dog Lola.

Even though Loki barks at the mailman and sounds menacing, our clients and suppliers love to see her at the studio, and are often disappointed when she isn't around when they drop by for a visit. There's something calming and comforting about having a dog with you at work... and Loki is so low key that I often forget she is here, until the mailman arrives.


Great dog, great studio

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