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A few years back we vacated our Quebec street location and went on a hunt for a new home for 10four. We scouted across all of Vancouver to find the perfect space (we were picky, and it was painful), but eventually we landed at our current home here in Railtown. We've been here for a while and it is finally starting to feel like home. Early in my career I worked a few blocks away on Water Street in Gastown, and I wasn't really looking forward to moving back into the neighbourhood. Luckily, Railtown has turned out to be a much better fit than Gastown. Things are a little quieter; there are no nightclubs and there are definitely not any tacky tourist trinket shops.

Although it is probably the smallest "named" neighbourhood in Vancouver, Railtown has a historic quality that helps define the area. Traditionally a district of warehouses and light industry, recently fashion boutiques, arts groups, technology and design studios have been scooping up the vacant spaces. There is a mix of restaurants and food trucks to supply a good variety of food choices for lunch, and nearby Crab park is a hidden urban oasis down by the tracks.

JJ Bean Coffee Roasters is just up the block, and Loki always receives at least a few pats while she sits outside waiting for me to grab my morning coffee. There are also a ton of dogs in the neighbourhood, so that makes Loki feel right at home.

Now that summer is here and I'm spending more time walking around the area, it feels like we made an inspiring choice for our studio location.

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