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Most of June and July was spent styling photos for the Fall 2013 Danica Studio catalog. Prior to that, I worked on 2 new Fall designs Adobe and Arrow which are featured in many of the shots below. I started styling a few years ago. What at first seemed stressful and overwhelming, has now become an exciting part of my job. Preparing for a photo shoot involves weeks of planning and prop shopping. Props are either purchased, borrowed, found or sometimes made. If we're not shooting on location, I've often had to create a room or environment from nothing. This involves bringing in furniture and flooring, painting or wallpapering walls and sometimes even creating a wall from a sheet of plywood or mat board. Location, lighting, angle, focus, props and cropping all need to be considered before the photo can be taken. I was very fortunate to work with Tanya and Meghan of Sweet Heirloom again. Here's a sneak peek...