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As some of you know by now, we've just moved our office (yes... again). There has been a flurry of packing and unpacking, reorganizing and purging, which has been exciting for Sue and painful for me. Amongst the 297 pounds of paper that we dropped off at the shredders yesterday, we uncovered a box of treasures; Left over ADANAC T-shirts! We originally printed up a bunch of these Ts to go with our self-promotional icon font project, way back when we were still in our first graphic design office on West 2nd. We were under the impression that they were all gone, and have been telling people who asked about them that they were out of luck.

Here is a list of what we uncovered; Men's Mosquito: 1 large, 4 medium Sasquatch: 2 medium Anti-Gravity: 1 large, 5 medium

Women's Mosquito: 4 small, 1 medium Sasquatch: 8 small, 7 medium Anti-Gravity: 5 small, 4 medium Icon Alphabet: 2 small

Let us know if your interested, only 5 bucks a pop. Sue is in full "purge" mode and motivated to get more stuff out of the office.