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A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how much I was enjoying the Railtown neighbourhood of our new studio location, and although it has a different feel from our previous space, it was a good move. Last evening I received a phone message from my pal Steve letting me know it WAS a good thing we moved, as the building we used to be located in at 2nd and Quebec was burning. On my way into our "new" office this morning, I swung by our old graphic design studio location to see the extent of the damage (and an excuse to grab an apple fritter from the swiss bakery around the corner). I chatted with some of the business tenants who were milling about in the rain and they filled me in on what happened. Apparently the roof was being resurfaced and it looks like the fire started up top (from a left over cigarette… see smoking IS bad for you!). The consensus is that the building is done for. Which is a shame, as it had a lot of character. We always received compliments from clients who visited, about how much they enjoyed the space and how there aren't many like it left in Vancouver. Now there is one less.


Vancouver design studio fire

fire at vancouver design studio