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Bhavuka is a devanagari typeface design for display purposes… a simple, ornamented, low contrast sans-serif font with plenty of charisma and charm. This typeface conveys the whimsy of cupcakes, rainbows, and Unicorns, all with a Hindi flair.

Based on the latin character set of the Bellota typeface (by Kemie Guaida) and Snippet (by Gesine Todt), Bhavuka was expanded to encompass over 400 additional letterforms required to represent the devanagari abugida alphabet of India and Nepal (the most common writing system in the world). Complex OpenType programming made it possible to have the multitude of letterforms combine in the endless permutations that are needed to have a devanagari font function accurately.

Bhavuka is an Open Source font, meaning it is distributed free of charge with a SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE. The OFL allows the licensed font to be used, studied, modified and redistributed freely as long as it is not sold by itself.

Available in one weight (for FREE) via GitHub.

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